Will & Willie 2016 Election Special #3 – TV

September 18th, 2016

We spend a lot more time talking about Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump in Part One. An interesting theory about her pneumonia that’s kind of anti-Alex Jones. 

Part Two, we’re joined by guest Kelly Dessaint, writer of SF Examiner column I Drive SF, blogger and author. We tear into Taxis vs Uber/Lyft and driverless cars.

Part Three, our Q&A with the live audience. First surprise guest questioner is Hillary Crosby, Comptroller of the California Democratic Party. Someone uses the “L” word.

Roll the credits. Thanks to The Marsh Theater. Support their Non-profit performance space in SF and Berkeley. MZ and crew @ KSCO for airing our show. Ace & Hugh of Reality Check TV for on-sight A/V and video production. Producer/Moderator Paul “Lobster” Wells of Flow Communications. PR Leslie Kaye. Special thanks to Executive Producer William O’Keeffe and Tiger Lyn for her music from the CD Soul Fire for the intro/outro songs “Freedom” and “America is Still the Place.”




Will & Willie 2016 Election Special #3 – Radio

September 17th, 2016


AM 1080 KSCO, Santa Cruz and streaming live on www.ksco.com.

This is where the echo chamber stops. For an hour a month, we have fun with and shed light on the Presidential Election, State & Local issues

Miss it? You can listen here. Click audio zipper files below, in 3 parts.

Part One – We talk about Will Durst’s Elect-to-Laugh at The Marsh every Tuesday 8pm thru Nov 8th, a Trump joke he doesn’t have room for, Willie’s movie pick War Dogs and views on both Candidates for POTUS, and how the views of men and woman differ.

Part Two – We give props to our opening theme, “Freedom (All Across The Nations)” by Tiger Lyn. Our guest Kelly Dessaint, Writer of SF Examiner Column I Drive SF, blogger, author and cabbie. We talk about the differences & conflict between Taxis, Uber & Lyft. 

Part Three – The Q&A with the audience. Surprise guest question from Hillary Crosby, Comptroller of the California State Democratic Party. We give props to KSCO, our Exec Producer and The Marsh Theater as a breeding ground for new performance.




Will and Willie Election Special #2 – TV

August 21st, 2016

For the August Election Special #2, Our hosts returned from the National Conventions with juicy insider information. This month’s guest SF Examiner Columnist Joe Fitzgerald Rodriquez. We had a packed house, rolling in the aisles with laughter at The Marsh Theater  in San Francisco’s Mission District. Next show September 13th, 6-7pm.

A/V production by Reality Check TV, Producer/Moderator Paul Wells of Flow Communications. Executive Producer William O’Keeffe. Theme music by Tiger Lyn

The Will & Willie TV/Radio Show – Scaring right wing echo chamber media since 2006. Click below to view:


Will and Willie Election Special #2 – Radio

August 21st, 2016

Will and Willie are getting together once per month through November at The Marsh Theater in San Francisco. Our radio version of the show aired Sunday, August 21st, 7-8pm Pacific. After the technical difficulties are fixed, it will be archived here, without the news or commercial breaks. Listen LIVE, or come back later. It’s a lot of laughs!


2016 Election Special #2 Live @ The Marsh Tues August 16th 6-7pm

August 11th, 2016

Our hosts have returned from the National Conventions with juicy insider information. This month’s guest SF Examiner Columnist Joe Fitzgerald Rodriquez. FREE Admission to the Will & Willie TV/Radio Talk Show and 50%  off tickets to Durst’s solo Elect to Laugh Show at 8pm. Doors open 5:30pm for our program, and again at 7:30.  You can elect to keep your seats!

The Marsh is at 1062 Valencia St btwn 21 & 22nd in SF’s Mission. A/V production by Reality Check TV, Producer/Moderator Paul Wells – Flow Communications. Executive Producer William O’Keeffe. Theme music by Tiger Lyn.

The Will & Willie Show – Scaring right wing echo chamber media since 2006.


Will & Willie 2016 Election Special #1 – TV

July 16th, 2016

Will Durst and Willie Brown jump right back to electric mode for their 2016 Election Talk Show with Producer/Announcer Paul Wells of Flow Communications and Guest Broke-Ass Stuart SchuffmanRecorded LIVE Tuesday, July 12th, 6-7pm with a packed house at The Marsh Theater, San Francisco, California. This is show #1. Reconvene again on Tuesday August 16th, 6-7pm and every month through November. Here’s the link to the 3 part July video playlist at the Will and Willie channel:




Will & Willie 2016 Election Special #1 – RADIO

July 15th, 2016

Part One of Three. Will Durst and Willie Brown jump right back to the electric mode that made for a great local San Francisco Talk Radio Morning Show in 2006. At the time of this new recording, Trump had narrowed down his VP selection to 3. We joked about Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie and barely mentioned Mike Pence. Bland is not funny. 

Recorded LIVE Tuesday, July 12th, 6-7pm with a packed house at The Marsh Theater, San Francisco, CA The program aired Sunday July 17th on AM 1080 KSCO, and KSCO.COM 7-8PM.  We’ll post segments 2 and 3 shortly. 




July 15th, 2016

The prospect of Trump and Gingrich, both of whom have married and cheated on at least 2 of their 3 wives, respectively, provided one of the best laughs Tuesday for our packed house at The Marsh. RADIO version airs ON AIR and ON LINE on AM 1080 KSCO, and KSCO.COM 7-8PM on this Sunday, July 17th.  Our San Francisco Point Of View is content TV and Radio outlets in The City need. It’s the antidote to the echo chamber syndicated shows.  A clip of the interchange between Will Durst and Willie Brown, with Producer/Announcer Paul Wells, is to be found at our Facebook Page. The show will be posted here shorty. Enjoy!: CLICK HERE


July 8th, 2016

Our Radio/TV Show Returns Tuesday July 12th 6-7pm at The Marsh SF 1062 Valencia St – FREE ADMISSION – We Want YOU to be in the LIVE Audience for our first 2016 Election Special.


Guests include Broke-Ass Stuart with a Q&A at the end of the program. Vouchers for $5 off Will Durst’s Elect to Laugh performance at 8pm comes with your FREE ADMISSION to Will & Willie. The program airs the following Sunday July 17th at 7pm on KSCO. With the Republican Convention starting the next day, and the Democratic Convention one week later, our monthly show should be riveting! 

Stay tuned for other media outlets to carry our Radio/TV Talk Show. We look forward to seeing you in the house on July 12th!


January 17th, 2016

Sad to report that our friend Wilkes Bashford passed away this week after a long battle with Cancer.  His relationship with Willie Brown was not just as his Clothier, but one of his closest friends.  Part of a group of 4 that met every Friday for lunch at Le Central in San Francisco. Wilkes was a guest on our program back in September of 2014. We had a great time. Wilkes joins us in Segment 3.  He lived a very full life.  One of the individuals that gives San Francisco it’s character, gone at 82. You can watch the TV version of the Will and Willie show with Wilkes by clicking here


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