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    Will and Willie Podcast Episode 13/14 (Video Version)

    Saturday, November 1st, 2008

    Our roundtable pre-election discussion at Epic Roasthouse, 369 The Embarcadero on San Francisco’s scenic waterfront. For more on this fine dining establishment, visit Technical difficulties prevent Episodes 13 (Ah Ha!) and 14 from being seen in the video version in their entirety. Segments #13 are combined with the video version for #14. In this episode, we talk about the elections, the setting and how it got built, and the history of The Will and Willie show, which ran as the morning show on 960 AM in 2006, and is produced by Paul “Lobster” Wells, of Flow Communications, the duo’s Ed McMahon and Freddie DeCordova rolled into one. We also touch on state and local politics, personalities and propositions, auto dealers, newspapers, gas prices, suv and prius drivers, and more.

    Will and Willie Podcast Episode 13 (Audio Version)

    Thursday, October 30th, 2008

    Will Durst and Willie Brown join Producer Paul “The Lobster” Wells at Epic Roasthouse, a fine new Pat Kuleto restaurant managed by Pete Sittnick at 369 The Embarcadero on San Francisco’s scenic waterfront. This is part one of our final pre-election broadcast. We start with the Presidential race, Will and Willie’s predictions, the polls, the economy and how it has swung the race in Obama’s direction. We also give historic perspective to the current financial crisis with a look back to similar events going back before 1929 to the current changes that allowed sub-prime mortgages to be sold as “Triple A” securities and traded through banks and hedge funds. Technical difficulties prevent Episodes 13 (Ah Ha!) from being seen in the video version in it’s entirety. Segments #13 are being combined with those from the video version of #14.

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