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    Will and Willie Podcast Episode 18 (Video Version)

    Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

    Part Two of two episodes with Will Durst and Willie Brown sitting down at Tres Agaves in San Francisco @ 130 Townsend in San Francisco with Producer Paul “The Lobster” Wells and have lunch at this Restaurant close to AT&T Park, home of the SF Giants. A freewheeling discussion was recorded as part one.  After a delicious and very satisfying lunch for cast and crew, we pick up the conversation in Episode 18 on taxes and  money and dive in to the political topics of the day: President Obama’s first one hundred days, The rescue of the ship captain from Somalian Pirates by Navy Seals, Newspapers and what will be the key to their survival and the importance of it to democracy.  We touched on how Rush Limbaugh was proliferated through syndicated radio and what the impact of deregulation has had on radio and local communities.  The newspaper talk leads to sports writers and the Giants and their pitchers, and the new show on Comcast Willie Brown will be doing with Gary Radnich for 49ers post game wrap-ups.  Then we circle around to the May 19th special elections in California and Governor Arnold, Schwarzenegger, and the unpopular notion of new taxes and fees.  We end up with the proposal to rename 3rd Street in San Francisco “Willie Brown Boulevard.”

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