We returned to the Gold Dust Lounge at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf to tape our VIDEO and RADIO program’s Novemeber show.  The Radio version on-air SAT, Nov 23rd, 7-8PM on TALK 910 and SUNDAY, Nov 24th, 6-7PM on 960 KNEW.  The “Tri-Cast” also streams from the stations websites and LIVE on iHeart Radio.  The Video version, with extra content, is posted above, in four segments, produced by MySourceTV.com.  The conversation included GLIDE founders Reverend Cecil Williams and Janice Mirikitani along with some more surprises.  The insightful and entertaining program features Political Comedian Will Durst and Political Icon Willie Brown.  The topics include issues on ObamaCare, Toronto Canada Mayor Rob Ford, Glide Memorial Church, Homelessness.  We also chat with Willie about his 80th birthday and The 80th anniversary of The Gold Dust Lounge.  At the end of the program, our open Mic is a Q&A with the people who were part of our LIVE audience. 

MARK YOUR CALENDARS – You’re invited to next month’s Happy Hour taping on Monday December 16th @ The Gold Dust 4-5pm! Come for the fun of the show, and stay to watch Monday Night Football on The Gold Dust’s many screens.

Below you’ll find the audio of the radio version of the program, sponsored by Lefty O’Doul’s Drink Mixes


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