Will & Willie 2016 Election Special #4 – Radio

We reconvened our monthly meeting behind the green door @ The Marsh San Francisco on Tuesday, October 11th. Joined by Carla Marinucci Senior Writer for the Politico California Playbook, with an inside look at The Donald’s run for President in 2000 and being aboard Trump Air 1.  The Q&A includes Lee Houskeeper and his special friend.


PART ONE: You can’t make this stuff up. Will Durst and Willie Brown launch into the impact of the debates and the swirl of controversy around them, including the Harris-Sanchez California Senate Debate

PART TWO: Carla Marinucci joins the conversation with a revelation about being on Trump Air 1 during the forgotten campaign for President in 2000, an experience at a Trump rally and more

PART THREE: With our guest, we engage in a Q&A with our audience at The Marsh. It’s free admission, and anyone is free to step up and ask a question. This makes for some fun exchanges.

Final 2016 Election Special will be at The Marsh, Tuesday November 1, 6-7pm. See you then!

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