Will & Willie FINAL 2016 Election Special – TV

Originally broadcast on November 1, 2016. we called it correctly. Just in a mirror image. Will Durst mused who’s going to explain it to Donald Trump when he wins the popular vote, but loses the electoral vote. There has never been an election year like 2016, and that has been eclipsed by 2020, with the Covid-19 Pandemic, accelerating climate change and Will Durst’s continued, but slow, recovery from a stroke. Let’s look back at how we got here, in the days when a live audience could laugh along with Co-Hosts Will Durst and Willie Brown. Our special guest joining us in segment 2 and staying for the Q&A in segment 3, Heather Knight of the San Francisco Chronicle

All three parts of our hour long program can be accessed by clicking this link. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLM3qDEAtf2Fcld_7-mAsGbpIN1q7VpFDS

Part 1 – We start out riffing on the differences in how the media reports and the public perceives Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and what might happen with Tuesday’s election and it’s aftermath. 

Part 2 – Heather Knight of The San Francisco Chronicle, and writer of the weekly City Insider column, is our special guest. We cover local & state propositions and the problem of government bureaucracy.

Part 3 – Heather stays with us for a Q&A with the audience, and our first question comes from Stephanie Weisman of The Marsh Theater. We end urging the audience to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

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