About The Show

Political Icon Willie Brown and Political Comedian Will Durst share razor sharp wit and an insightful point of view. Launched in 2006, the entertaining Live & Local Morning Talk Show aired on a major network San Francisco affiliate, quickly increased morning listening by 50%. The award winning program gathered many accolades. One Bay Area weekly newspaper raved, “As guests get grilled and issues roasted, it’s hard to delineate who is the professional comedian and who the veteran politician.”

The Will and Willie Show is produced and moderated by Paul Wells of Flow Communications. Paul originally teamed the pair up and inked the program with Clear Channel, now iHeart Media. In the 2016 Presidential Election year, America needs a decidedly unique TV/Radio Talk Show across all media platforms. From July to November of 2016, Monthly Presidential Election Specials were produced. All were performed in front of a live “studio” audience at The Marsh Theater, SF.

Starting with Tuesday, March 20th,  we did a series of Live Tri-casts – TV/Radio/Podcasts as 2018 Midterm Election Specials, returning to The Marsh Theater and then creating a Pop-Up studio venue out of the restaurant in The Orchard Hotel at Bush near Powell near Union Square. 

In 2019, we got the jump during the Presidential Primaries on the 2020 Election Specials with shows at The Punchline Comedy Club and the Shelton Theater off Union Square. Preempted first by a medical emergency for Durst then the COVID-19 Pandemic, our “Live Studio Audience” plans were, and still are, prevented by the lockdown.  

With the not-so-peaceful transition of power, we elected to reboot as a Podcast, and the Pre-Inaugural Special is available FREE from Apple, Google, Amazon, TuneIn Stitcher, and from the Will and Willie website from Sat Night January 16th on demand 24/7 right through the Inauguration Ceremony at the still standing and Capitol in Washington DC. We continue to tell the truth as we see it, not as they sell it.