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Will and Willie TV Program 2015.1

Saturday, June 6th, 2015

We returned to The Gold Dust Lounge for our 1st fun and freewheeling hour-long program this year, recording the show on May 27th.  In Part 1, we open up our point of view on the political scene in California, and turn our attention towards the “affordable” housing crisis brewing in San Francisco.  Guest C.W. Nevius, SF Chronicle Columnist and SF Gate Blogger, joins us in Part 2 and gives insight into the controversy surrounding the Catholic Church, Pope Francis and Archdiocese of San Francisco.  We drill down deeper into the housing crisis in Part 4, and do a bit of Movie Time on the latest flick to destroy the Golden Gate Bridge, San Andreas, with San Francisco Movie Tours  Click play arrow for each of the four 15 minute segments on the screens below.

Part 1 – We say hello from our Pop-up studio (sounds easier than what it takes to set up)

Part 3 – We continue talking with C.W., who’s been writing about SF Catholic controversies

Part 4 – More about the changing times in SF, and the crunch in housing dud to Tech $$$, Also Movie Time

Will and Willie Radio Program 2015.1

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

We returned to The Gold Dust Lounge for our 1st fun and freewheeling hour-long program this year, recording the show on May 27th.  In Part 1, we open up our point of view on the political scene in California, and turn our attention towards the “affordable” housing crisis brewing in San Francisco.  Guest C.W. Nevius, SF Chronicle Columnist and SF Gate Blogger, joins us half-way the first of two Radio segments that aired on Talk 910 KKSF, iHeart Radio and AM 1080 KSCO in Santa Cruz. We get into the controversy surrounding the Catholic Church, Pope Francis and Archdiocese of San Francisco.  We continue in the second half, and drill down deeper into the housing crisis. The radio program is edited down from the TV show.

WILL & WILLIE SHOW RETURNS!! Live taping @ Gold Dust Lounge, SF in Post-Production

Thursday, May 14th, 2015


WILL, WILLIE, WELLS and guest C.W. Nevius recorded the show, followed by THE WARRIORS Rocking The House & Winning the West on Wednesday, May 27th @ The Gold Dust Lounge, 165 Jefferson in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf – Brought to you by Lefty O’Doul’s Drink Mixes

The Radio version airs on Talk 910, KKSF SF  and iHeart Radio on Sun May 31st 5-6pm and 1080AM KSCO Santa Cruz, May 31st 7-8am.  Will Post the TV version here and alert the (social) media by then, and both will be available on demand 24/7, as are all the shows going back to Oct ’07.

Back in September, we had as our guest, famed Civil Rights Attorney John Burris.  Here’s that segment.  Ahead of the curve on Ferguson, MO.

Wonderful Way to Celebrate a Championship!

Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Congrats to “Your World Champion San Francisco Giants” for ending a losing streak with a sharp 4-1 victory after a 1st class, beautiful ring ceremony.  Was good to see Tim Flan return to do the National Anthem, and the Giants organization hand out the hardware.  2010, 2012 and 2014.  We had SF Giants VP Russ Stanley as a guest on our last show “pinch hitting” for Larry Baer.  He had his first two WS rings, and the 2007 All-Star game ring.  He also brought Giants stuff to give away for the Lefty O’Doul’s Toy Drive  and gloves for the Foundation.  In support of that, we did a drawing for a pair of tickets in the Giants’ field box. The winner, Gail, will be there to enjoy the Giants vs the Dodgers Tuesday, April 21st.  News on our next show To Be Announced soon.  In the meantime, THANK YOU to Larry, Russ and everyone on the team.  It was a very Merry Holiday Show.  Watch the fun segment.  Click Play

Will and Willie Dec 2014 TV Show

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Due to time constraints, the Radio version is edited.  That’s in 2 segments below this post.  About 10 extra minutes here.  Fun to watch, too! Politics and Life from the San Francisco Point of View.  Political Comedian Will Durst and Political Icon Willie Brown Wrap Up 2014 and the biggest stories of the year.  The events in Ferguson, Missouri, Staten Island, New York where demonstrations across the country have followed the Grand Juries failure to indite the officer involved.  Our guest in Segments 1 & 2, San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi, lays out the facts.  In Segment 3, we cover our local feel good story of the year, SF Giants VP Russ Stanley joins us with his World Series Championship Rings and kids gloves, etc. for the 14th Annual Lefty O’Doul’s Toy Drive.  In Segment 4, Will Durst rips through his Top Ten (Comedy) News Stories for 2014 and a Q&A.  On the behalf of Will and Willie, I thank our sponsor Lefty O’Doul’s Drink Mixes(Your Bartender in a Bottle), The Gold Dust Lounge for hosting our “Pop-Up” studio, Reality Check TV for recording, and you for listening and/or watching our program.  Producer/Announcer Paul Wells – Flow Communications.

Our 2014 Wrap-up and Holiday Party @ The Gold Dust Lounge, Wed Dec 17th, 6-7pm

Monday, December 8th, 2014

So much has happened this year, and Will Durst and Willie Brown have a long list and been checking it twice.  Who would have thought when Bill Cosby showed up at Willie Brown’s B-Day Party with a Candle on a Ball of Wax “Cake” in March, that his world and reputation would explode, and “Cos” would be a target for Gloria Allred by the end of the year?  In September, we made TV News with our guest John Burris talking about Ferguson, MO before the Grand Jury there ignited the response that has been taken to the streets.  Lots to talk about in just those two stories of the year, plus a look ahead at 2014 & 2015.

We’ll return to The Gold Dust Lounge at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.  It will be Fun, it will be Festive, and it will be Free for you to be part of our “Pop-up” studio audience.  Deli Sandwich bites provided (while they last) by Lefty O’Doul’s.  We’ll have guests, and perhaps even a GIANT surprise.  Audience Q&A in the last of the four segments of the program.  Like people to bring new, kids baseball gloves as part of the Lefty O’Doul’s Foundation Annual Toy Drive.  After our taping, stay and party with us.  Happy Holidays (of your choice)!  Enjoy Chanukah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanza or ???


Save The Date for Will & Willie 2014 Wrap-up

Thursday, November 27th, 2014

We’re set to tape our TV/Radio show on Wednesday, December 17th 6-7pm. SAVE THE DATE! Our Pop-up studio will be set up at the Gold Dust Lounge, 165 Jefferson in SF’s Fisherman’s Wharf. Free Admission and Deli sandwich bites from Lefty O’Doul’s. 21 and Over, only. It’s our program’s Holiday Party as well, and we’ll celebrate The Giants World Series Championship. Details on guests to follow. Radio show set to air the following Sunday on our affiliate stations, Talk 910 KKSF, SF 4-5pm, 1080 AM KSCO Santa Cruz, time TBA. Come on down and be part of our live, “studio” audience.

Holiday Show Dec 2013

Holiday Show Dec 2013 w/Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom

Will & Willie 2014 Year End Wrap Up Show coming in December

Monday, November 17th, 2014

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  After Orange October and Halloween with The San Francisco Giants Victory Parade,  “Fast away the old year passes.”  The World Series caused us to cancel our pre-election show.  Weren’t going to set up a pop-up TV studio in the back of a bar to record a talk show during the game!  So with Thanksgiving , Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza and whatever else we’ve failed to list, we’re going to do one more show before New Years.  Expect a Wednesday in mid-December at 6p for us to show up at The Gold Dust Lounge to record our one-hour TV and radio show.  More details to be posted as they become available.  In the meantime, for your Parties of the Season, please patronize our sponsor, Lefty O’Doul’s Drink Mixes.  Available at many fine establishments, and on shelves.  CLICK HERE for the Store Locator and ENJOY!


Will and Willie September 2014 – TV Version

Friday, September 12th, 2014

he lively discussion takes on the NFL and Ray Rice, Ferguson Missouri and other examples of violent or abusive behavior.  Our guest in Part 2, as well as the Q&A with the live audience in Part 4 is John Burris, famed Civil Rights Attorney.  Our guest in Part 3 is Wilkes Bashford, legendary San Francisco Clothier who’s been a friend of Willie Brown’s for more than four decades.  It’s like ease-dropping on their weekly lunches as they verbally joust.  Part 4 is the Q&A, beginning with Amber Lee of KTVU Channel 2 as she reported on our reaction to the Ray Rice video for the lead story that night.  The crowd at The Gold Dust Lounge had a lot of laughs, and you will, too.  Edited for broadcast on AM 1080 KSCO, Santa Cruz Sun Sept 14th 7-8a and 960 The Patriot, San Francisco 6-7p, streaming live over iHeart Radio.  Click the images below to watch or listen to the radio version in the post below the video.  Special thanks to The Gold Dust Lounge, our Sponsor Lefty O’Doul’s Drink Mixes, My Source TV, the live audience at our program, and YOU!.

The New Will and Willie Show already made the news!!

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

With the Ray Rice story hitting the same evening as our taping, and with guest John Burris, famed Civil Rights Attorney already booked as a guest, you know the NFL’s handling of the abuse was a BIG topic on our latest program.  If you weren’t watching Channel 2 or TV 36 Tuesday night, HERE’S A LINK TO THE STORY Left to Right in photo, Gold Dust Lounge and Lefty O’Doul’s PR agent Lee Houskeeper, Willie L.  Brown, John Burris, Wilkes Bashford & Paul Wells.  Radio this Sunday on AM 1080, KSCO Santa Cruz 7-8am. KNEW 960 The Patriot, San Francisco 6-7pm, and streaming live on iHeart Radio.  Radio and My Source TV video versions will be posted here and available on demand 24/7.

As we say on-the-air, Stay Tuned!