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Will & Willie 2021 President Inaugural Special

Sunday, January 17th, 2021

It’s a fun filled 49 minutes. Completing our pre-empted series of 2020 Presidential Election Cycle Specials with a Podcast. As Biden and Harris are sworn in at our Nation’s Capitol, we give you Politics and Life from the San Francisco Point of View. Insightful and fun, we tell the truth as we see it, not as they sell it. The freewheeling conversation is a primer on how we came together as the morning show of the then Progressive Talk Station KQKE. Back then, we test drove the Tesla, teased Bill O’Reilly, and a long list of guests that included Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, VP Elect Kamala Harris, Nixon White House Counsel John Dean, and a parade of comedians playing the same club circuit as Will Durst. Co-host Mayor Willie Brown is renown for his directness and fearless opinions. Give it a listen. We want you to laugh and help Make America Think Again