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Will & Willie 2016 Election Special #3 – Radio

Saturday, September 17th, 2016


AM 1080 KSCO, Santa Cruz and streaming live on

This is where the echo chamber stops. For an hour a month, we have fun with and shed light on the Presidential Election, State & Local issues

Miss it? You can listen here Click audio zipper files below, in 3 parts.

Part One – We talk about Will Durst’s Elect-to-Laugh at The Marsh every Tuesday 8pm thru Nov 8th, a Trump joke he doesn’t have room for, Willie’s movie pick War Dogs and views on both Candidates for POTUS, and how the views of men and woman differ.

Part Two – We give props to our opening theme, “Freedom (All Across The Nations)” by Tiger Lyn. Our guest Kelly Dessaint, Writer of SF Examiner Column I Drive SF, blogger, author and cabbie. We talk about the differences & conflict between Taxis, Uber & Lyft. 

Part Three – The Q&A with the audience. Surprise guest question from Hillary Crosby, Comptroller of the California State Democratic Party. We give props to KSCO, our Exec Producer and The Marsh Theater as a breeding ground for new performance.




Will and Willie Election Special #2 – TV

Sunday, August 21st, 2016

For the August Election Special #2, Our hosts returned from the National Conventions with juicy insider information. This month’s guest SF Examiner Columnist Joe Fitzgerald Rodriquez. We had a packed house, rolling in the aisles with laughter at The Marsh Theater  in San Francisco’s Mission District. Next show September 13th, 6-7pm.

A/V production by Reality Check TV, Producer/Moderator Paul Wells of Flow Communications Executive Producer William O’Keeffe. Theme music by Tiger Lyn

The Will & Willie TV/Radio Show – Scaring right wing echo chamber media since 2006. Click below to view:


Will & Willie 2016 Election Special #1 – TV

Saturday, July 16th, 2016

Will Durst and Willie Brown jump right back to electric mode for their 2016 Election Talk Show with Producer/Announcer Paul Wells of Flow Communications and Guest Broke-Ass Stuart SchuffmanRecorded LIVE Tuesday, July 12th, 6-7pm with a packed house at The Marsh Theater, San Francisco, California. This is show #1. Reconvene again on Tuesday August 16th, 6-7pm and every month through November. Here’s the link to the 3 part July video playlist at the Will and Willie channel:



Will & Willie 2016 Election Special #1 – RADIO

Friday, July 15th, 2016

Part One of Three. Will Durst and Willie Brown jump right back to the electric mode that made for a great local San Francisco Talk Radio Morning Show in 2006. At the time of this new recording, Trump had narrowed down his VP selection to 3. We joked about Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie and barely mentioned Mike Pence. Bland is not funny get more information

Recorded LIVE Tuesday, July 12th, 6-7pm with a packed house at The Marsh Theater, San Francisco, CA The program aired Sunday July 17th on AM 1080 KSCO, and KSCO.COM 7-8PM.  We’ll post segments 2 and 3 shortly. 



Will and Willie TV Program 2015.1

Saturday, June 6th, 2015

We returned to The Gold Dust Lounge for our 1st fun and freewheeling hour-long program this year, recording the show on May 27th.  In Part 1, we open up our point of view on the political scene in California, and turn our attention towards the “affordable” housing crisis brewing in San Francisco.  Guest C.W. Nevius, SF Chronicle Columnist and SF Gate Blogger, joins us in Part 2 and gives insight into the controversy surrounding the Catholic Church, Pope Francis and Archdiocese of San Francisco.  We drill down deeper into the housing crisis in Part 4, and do a bit of Movie Time on the latest flick to destroy the Golden Gate Bridge, San Andreas, with San Francisco Movie Tours  Click play arrow for each of the four 15 minute segments on the screens below.

Part 1 – We say hello from our Pop-up studio (sounds easier than what it takes to set up)

Part 3 – We continue talking with C.W., who’s been writing about SF Catholic controversies

Part 4 – More about the changing times in SF, and the crunch in housing dud to Tech $$$, Also Movie Time

WILL & WILLIE SHOW RETURNS!! Live taping @ Gold Dust Lounge, SF in Post-Production

Thursday, May 14th, 2015


WILL, WILLIE, WELLS and guest C.W. Nevius recorded the show, followed by THE WARRIORS Rocking The House & Winning the West on Wednesday, May 27th @ The Gold Dust Lounge, 165 Jefferson in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf – Brought to you by Lefty O’Doul’s Drink Mixes

The Radio version airs on Talk 910, KKSF SF  and iHeart Radio on Sun May 31st 5-6pm and 1080AM KSCO Santa Cruz, May 31st 7-8am.  Will Post the TV version here and alert the (social) media by then, and both will be available on demand 24/7, as are all the shows going back to Oct ’07.

Back in September, we had as our guest, famed Civil Rights Attorney John Burris.  Here’s that segment.  Ahead of the curve on Ferguson, MO.

Wonderful Way to Celebrate a Championship!

Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Congrats to “Your World Champion San Francisco Giants” for ending a losing streak with a sharp 4-1 victory after a 1st class, beautiful ring ceremony.  Was good to see Tim Flan return to do the National Anthem, and the Giants organization hand out the hardware.  2010, 2012 and 2014.  We had SF Giants VP Russ Stanley as a guest on our last show “pinch hitting” for Larry Baer.  He had his first two WS rings, and the 2007 All-Star game ring.  He also brought Giants stuff to give away for the Lefty O’Doul’s Toy Drive  and gloves for the Foundation.  In support of that, we did a drawing for a pair of tickets in the Giants’ field box. The winner, Gail, will be there to enjoy the Giants vs the Dodgers Tuesday, April 21st.  News on our next show To Be Announced soon.  In the meantime, THANK YOU to Larry, Russ and everyone on the team.  It was a very Merry Holiday Show.  Watch the fun segment.  Click Play

Will and Willie September 2014 – Radio Version

Friday, September 12th, 2014

The lively discussion takes on the NFL and Ray Rice, Ferguson Missouri and other examples of violent or abusive behavior.  Our guest in the 2nd half of Segment 1, as well as the Q&A with the live audience at the end of Segment 2.  That second half of our program starts with guest Wilkes Bashford, legendary San Francisco Clothier who’s been a friend of Willie Brown’s for more than four decades.  It’s like ease-dropping on their weekly lunches as they verbally joust.   The crowd at The Gold Dust Lounge had a lot of laughs, and you will, too.  Edited for broadcast on AM 1080 KSCO, Santa Cruz Sun Sept 14th 7-8a and 960 The Patriot, San Francisco 6-7p, streaming live over iHeart Radio.  Click the player below to listen, or the images above for the unedited video version in four parts.

The Will and Willie June 2014 – Radio Version

Sunday, June 1st, 2014

Here’s the radio version of The Will and Willie Show recorded at the  The Gold Dust Lounge SF.  The program is Produced and Edited for radio by Flow Communications. Broadcast on  SUNDAY, June 1st, 7-8AM on KSCO Santa Cruz and 6-7PM on 960 The Patriot San Francisco.  Both stations stream from their websites, and the 6-7pm PDT live on iHeartradio. The Video version, with extra content in four segments, is produced by and is available above by clicking the play button on the images above.

Will and Willie, chat about the Primary Elections, the Elliot Rodger Santa Barbara shooting, the television show “24,” the programs start as the morning show in SF, Proposition B, Leeland Yee, the homeless problem, online gambling and much more! Also Will and Willie take a moment to congratulate Paul Wells (aka Lobster) on his nomination as Program Host for 2014 Induction into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame.  Click Here To Vote! We take some questions from the audience about the Martin’s Beach controversy, Air B&Bs plus The Clippers owner Donald Sterling and racism in America.

Special Thanks to our sponsor, Lefty O’Doul’s Drink Mixes.  Thank you for listening or watching.  Click here to Like us on Facebook!

Screenshot 2014-05-31 18.05.40
Segment 1

Segment 2


Sunday, February 9th, 2014

From our instant studio in the bandstand at the back of  the Gold Dust Lounge  we celebrated the 1st Anniversary of the Fisherman’s Wharf  location to tape our  program’s February show. This Video version, with extra content in four segments, is produced by and available above by clicking the play button on the images above. The Radio version posted below will be airing SUNDAY, Feb 9th, 6-7PM on 960 The Patriot and streamed LIVE on iHeart Radio.  

Will and Willie, sans guests, tackle and cackle over the topics of  SF Tech investor Thomas Perkins comparing the treatment of America’s 1% to Jews during the Holocaust, the SOTU speech, The Sochi Olympics, NJ Gov Chris Chrystie’s Bridge crisis, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential bid, the extreme weather on the East Coast, the ACA (aka Obamacare) and a Q&A with the live audience.

Special Thanks to our sponsor, Lefty O’Doul’s Drink Mixes.  Thank you for listening or watching.  Click here to Like us on Facebook!

Segment 1: Live from the Gold Dust Lounge in San Francisco’s Fishermans Wharf, it’s the Will and Willie Show, starring Mayor Willie Brown and comedian Will Durst. Part 1 topics include President Obama State of The Union Speech, Winter Olympics

Segment 2: Part 2 topics include Chris Christie bridge scandal, Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, The extreme weather on the East Coast, and more.

Segment 3: Part 3 topics include: The Affordable Care Act, The State of the Union Address

Segment 4: Will and Willie take audience questions.