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Will and WIllie – March 2014 Show – TV

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Here is the special Saturday night taping of The Will and Willie March Show from our bandstand stage at the back of The Gold Dust Lounge.  The Radio version is airing SUNDAY, March 9th, 6-7PM on 960 The Patriot and streamed LIVE on iHeart Radio.  This Video version, with extra content in four segments, is produced by and is available by clicking the play button on the images below.

Will and Willie, with guest ABC News Anchor Dan Ashley and Producer Paul Wells, discuss  leaks in the new span of the Bay Bridge, Governor Jan Brewers’ veto of Arizona’s “Religious Freedom” Bill,  the situation in Ukraine and Russia’s hold on Crimea, Will Durst’s Top 10 2014 Political Animal Awards, The FCC CIN study on how the Press gathers its news. Dan Ashley talks about how they decide what stories to use and talks about his beginnings in News and his band Push. Plus, a special message from Bill Cosby to Willie Brown on the dedication of the San Francisco side of the Bay Bridge as The Willie L. Brown Jr. Bridge. The whole crew also takes a few questions from the audience on the traffic and parking issues in San Francisco, the droughts in California and more!

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Segment 1: Will and Willie discuss Arizona vetoing the bill about businesses refusing gay customers and more.

Segment 2: This segment topics include Ukraine and Russia , Pussy Riot, Sochi Olympics , The 2014 Political Animal Awards.

Segment 3: On this segment, special guest ABC News Anchor Dan Ashley gives us a look behind the scenes of local news channel KGO-TV 7 in San Francisco.

Segment 4: On this segment they take audience questions.